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news of the grand shell game

'in memory...', an EP benefiting the Jana Marie Foundation, out on May 1st

hello friends, 

we are pleased to announce that on May 1st we will be releasing our 2nd studio effort, an EP titled in memory. all proceeds from this release will benefit the Jana Marie Foundation, a PA based 501C-3 charitable foundation established in memory of Jana Vicere, e-s' cousin and a young woman who took her own life at the tender age of 30.

throughout her lifetime Jana struggled with depression, a battle she eventually lost. it did not have to end like this. the Jana Marie Foundation was created to change the narrative; to help young adults, especially young women, find self-worth and community through artistic expression, creativity, and discussion. in addition, the Foundation works to eradicate the stigma of mental illness, as well as to call attention to the often overlooked suicide epidemic that haunts our population.

May 1st is known as "Mayday", a term which is also identified as an international radio distress signal. it also coincides with the beginning of mental health awareness month. as such, we could not imagine a more appropriate day for this release. and as for the songs, they mean a great deal to all of us. initially penned by e-s in the tumultuous few weeks surrounding his cousin’s passing in 2011, they speak to both the afflicted and those who care for them. we find them quite powerful. Jana's Song, the album's closing work, was written on the day she died as e-s sat hundreds of miles away, struggling with his own depression, wondering how he might tell her everything would be all right. to this day, he still considers her a co-author. 

we will be playing a handful of NC shows in April to spread the word, beginning tonight at The Cave with Bella's Bartok. each show we will be sharing these songs, and we think they may move you. at the very least, we hope they will serve as a reminder when hard times come bearing down. you are not alone. we make our mistakes and continue to grow. everything still can be all right.  

we will have more information as the release date approaches. for now, why not go reach out to a friend or family member, just to say hi? 

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