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three new songs.

benefitting the Jana Marie Foundation. 

 in recognition of mental health awareness month.

available exclusively through bandcamp

come and sing songs of change

we are all in this grand shell game

the grand shell game is a 6 piece band from carrboro, north carolina whose sound has been called "prog-Americana", "folk-core", and sometimes just good old rock and roll.

there is a familiarity in these players, but they are clearly different.



the songs are deceptively simple yet contain an elegant complexity. danceable, even in odd times. singable, even as the melodies challenge and bend. thoughtful, even when the whole of a tune fits on a fortune cookie slip.

"big ideas with introspective wisdom, unfurling harmonies, and arrangements that help create at once classic and refreshingly new songs"

Courtney Devores - The Charlotte Observer - December 2016