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news of the grand shell game

wow. it's been a while. tour was great! home play 9/3 at Local 506. and no depression!

friends, we have been quiet for too long now. hopefully many of you checked in on us via our Facebook page through the rest of the tour. speaking of which. how was tour, you ask?


(or something like that)

yes, tour was great. we're looking at another extended run south towards the end of the year, think November and December. and of course some dates here and there until then, like our return home on September 3rd with Happy Abandon and MKR at Local 506. but you know, it's tough. what with life, support jobs, and the time we're booking to record the next album it's been a bit hard to commit to too many shows.

... like what we did there? yup. a new album is coming. more on that soon. just know we are excited.

speaking of albums, we got a wonderful review from No Depression the other day about man on a wire. we are humbled by it. while we are biased, we think it's a pretty great read. check it out if you have a moment.