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news of the grand shell game

week one is complete. thank you VA, WV, CT, VT, NY, and PA. also, hellooooo Rhythm and Roots!

ladies and gentlemen we are hitting our stride. it's 3am and we've laid our heads in an amazing house in Baltimore curated by our new friend Heather from Feed the Scene. we landed here after our show in Philly at Tin Angel, which might have been the best of the tour so far (that's saying a lot!), so that we might get a chance to spend more time in the capital before the show tomorrow.

this tour has been incredible so far. special thanks to the Hillary Chase band, Mother Moses, Shadowplay, and Kid Felix for joining us these past few days as well as Ashland Coffee and Tea, Town Run Brewing, BRYAC, The Taphouse at Cat Glass, Rockwood Music Hall, Tin Angel, Patty and Bob, Mary Jane and Danny, Kim, Adam, and Mary Beth for hosting us. also thanks to all for coming out and spreading the word! check out some photos of our adventures below, we'll be adding more to this gallery from this week as we consolidate the pictures from all the band members.

we have now settled into the thick of the tour. eight shows in 7 days with an additional video shoot at Georgia State University on June 28th. DC, Roanoke, Dahlonega, Athens, Columbus, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Atlanta we are coming for you!

also, we are proud to officially announce that we will be part of Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion this year, the third week of September in Bristol TN/VA. this has been one of the east coast anchor festivals for the past few years and we are honored to join the long and storied list of performers big and small. Bristol was once the birthplace of country music and has in recent times become one of the nations biggest supporters of independent music. we cannot wait for this festival!

time to sleep. thanks to all of you. more soon! and if you'd like to see more news in real time be sure to keep an eye on our facebook, twitter, and/or instagram.