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news of the grand shell game

one week until man on a wire is released! but you could have it now?

friends, we are less than 7 days away from the album release and we are excited. we're hearing word from folks from a few hundred miles away that they'll be coming to join us? amazing. we'd love to have you join us too. just a reminder in case you've forgotten:

this Saturday, June 11th at Cat's Cradle Back Room, 8pm with Annabelle's Curse & Gabriel David

as a reminder, the first 100 people through the door get a free copy of the album. there's some surprises with it too, we've yet to unveil all the artwork that the talented Miles Murray did for us. we're pretty excited at how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and we think you'll have a good time pondering them. but did you know you could have a digital copy of the album right now? 

whoah. sweet threads. 

whoah. sweet threads. 

yes, it's true. if you contribute to our indiegogo pre-sale campaign you can get man on a wire digitally *right now*. a week early! all your friends might be jealous. especially when you're rockin' out with the windows down. so just click here to check it out, you can get one of those cool t-shirts you see on the right, cds, a pre-sale certificate for vinyl, music lessons, and maybe even the rockstar package. because everyone needs a rockstar package. 

one way or another, we really just want you to hear what we've created. we're so proud of it and we think you'll love it. so come to the show, or indiegogo it, or find us out on tour. just grab it soon, it will be worth your while.