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news of the grand shell game

Wilmington show this Thursday at The Whiskey! two weeks until release! thanks for the pre-sale support so far! check out 'some socratic oath' on our songs page...

hi all. we've got two weeks until man on a wire is officially released to the world and as we approach June 11th we'll be unveiling a few more things to you. if you follow us on facebook you know a couple of weeks ago our song 'some socratic oath' was exclusively premiered on Spillmagazine.com. today we are making it public on our songs page, if you haven't heard it go take a listen!

last night Richmond NPR affiliate WCVE game our song 'oracle' its terrestrial radio premier on The Electric Croude. thanks to our new friend George Maida for the support. we're starting to hear from more radio stations and our songs should be spinning in at least a good handful of states by release time. as we find out who has the music we'll be letting you know where you can make requests. 

finally, we're a week into our pre-sale campaign and are currently sitting at about $1300 raised which is great. to give some perspective that covers over three days on the road in advance for our release tour, which is a huge for us. whether or not we hit our $10,000 goal isn't a big deal for us... but it does give us something to shoot for. any penny raised helps make our 4000+ mile journey a little easier, and if we have any money left over in July beyond our tour budget it will go towards the recording costs of our LP this fall. in the end we just want to keep growing, to spread the word, and for you to hear the music. thanks to those who have purchased packages, you mean the world to us.

more to come soon, we trust you all are doing wonderful!