we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

the debut album 'man on a wire' drops on 6/11. oh look. it matches our website.

ladies and gentlemen. it is done.

our debut album is mixed, mastered and headed to press. we are excited. soon we will be able to be with you anywhere. in hiiiigh fid-el-it-tay. to celebrate, we got ourselves a fancy new website. yup. fancy. take a moment to explore a bit, most especially the fantastic album art by our friend Miles Murray of Captain Your Own Vessel Design. we think he's done some amazing work. and there's more. just you wait.

such a beautiful thing when art inspires art. we are honored to work with him.

we shall unleash our work awash in a world of hope on 6/11. if you are in our neighborhood you should join us. we're throwing a party at Cat's Cradle. all are invited.

thank you all for your support so far. we could not do this without you. we cannot wait for you to hear it. we also have added a bunch of new dates, and plenty more are on the way. we are coming to see you. got any floor space?

would you like to hear a tune? how's about the gateway, if you will, to the rest of the work. the title track itself? head over to songs. listen. you can have it now. to take home, if you want. it's available in our store as a gift to you for pre-ordering the album. 

a big thank you to our friends Holy Ghost Tent Revival for having us join them at Motorco tonight to make this announcement in the flesh. they are crafting amazing sounds. amazing. it has been a joy to watch them evolve over the years, and man are the good. but the best is yet to come, we think. 

and once again, a big thank you to you. indeed, the best is yet to come.

phone snap by our friend  Kristen Abigail Photography  @ Motorco, Durham NC

phone snap by our friend Kristen Abigail Photography @ Motorco, Durham NC