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news of the grand shell game

a special announcement is coming on Friday. but if you join us at Motorco this Thursday you might get a sneak peEk

things are heating up. lots of stuff is happening. so much good is on the horizon. 

we'll start with our show this Thursday, April 7th at Motorco in Durham. if you haven't heard Holy Ghost Tent Revival yet, you really should come out. and if you haven't heard them in a while, you definitely should come out.  they have morphed and moved over the years. the music they are making now is better than anything they've ever done. seriously. these guys are tops.

what's that you ask? what else is new? well, everything. really.  but we're not quite ready to share yet. you'll just have to check back here on Friday to find out what it's all about. 

or come out Thursday night and find out early. see you then?