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news of the grand shell game

entering into the 2016 home stretch... starting this Friday at The Station

we had a blast this past weekend! thank you to all who made our last lil' tour of the year such a grand success. 

this Friday we have our last hometown show of the year at The Station in Carrboro, NC with our friends from Boone Arson Daily. it's been a long time since we performed in this space; it played a huge part in the formation of the band back in 2014, and we are excited to make our return. join us in celebrating the end of 2016 as we look towards the future. it will be a very special night. 

after this we have but two more shows before the old gives way to the new. December 22nd in Charlotte with our friends Holy Ghost Tent Revival and just added is a December 18th benefit in Wilmington, NC as part of Hate Free by the Sea, a fund and awareness builder in support of Nada Merghani. please allow us to give a little background into this latter event.

Nada is a former student at UNCW and an Islamic LGBTQ citizen of North Carolina. for the past two years she, now 19, has been harassed and bullied online by a professor at UNCW because of her religion, sexual orientation, and opinions. she recently transferred to UNC Charlotte to get away from the bullying, as well as the associated threats she's received from the professor's social media following.

we join with other NC musicians in solidarity by asking for UNCW to revise their code of conduct to protect against slanderous, hateful speech being directed towards ANY student by a member of the faculty in the way Nada has been harrassed. we also encourage the professor to take his own advice. if differing viewpoints or lifestyles offend, don't pay attention to them. be the bigger person and tend to your own garden. that is what the idea of choice is about. that is the responsibility that comes with our freedom to say what we want. 

much love to all of you friends. if we don't see you before the end of the year we will see you soon. thank you for being a part of our lives.