we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

oh hey mini tour! SC and GA this weekend. last hometown show of 2016 on 12/9

well folks, we're heading into the home stretch. 2016 has been a year, that's for sure. beyond that? we don't know what much else to say. so many beautiful souls left our plane, most recently Sharon Jones, far too soon. our country's in a bit of upheaval, trying to figure out how to move forward with all the change happening around us so quickly. globalization, politics, automation, climate, technology.... it's an exhilarating time to be alive, but damn hold on to your hats. this roller coaster's going to be a wild ride. just remember we believe in you, and we believe in us. we can change these times for the better. we are glad you are on our side.

this weekend is our last extended run of the year. Awendaw, SC; Charleston, SC; Columbus, GA. click the poster on the left if you want some info about tonight. then next week we'll return home to Carrboro for our final hometown show of 2016 on Friday 12/9. it will be an intimate little get-together at The Station with our friends Arson Daily from Boone, NC. The Station is newly renovated with no more membership requirements, a small room with great sight lines and phenomenal sound. we've priced advanced tickets at $8, and when we announced there were only 90 available. we've been told they're moving quickly and we'd love to see you, so we encourage you to get them early.  

thanks for being everybody, and keep your chin up. we know it gets dark out there, but never fear. the sun will rise again! we will see you soon in the light.