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news of the grand shell game

SHOW ANNOUCEMENT - saturday night at BRAYC in bridgeport. some recording is also happening.

we've had a great first couple of days in the studio. hard to have imagined things going much better, in fact. we are working. we are working hard. and we're very excited.

we went out to The Acoustic last night in bridgeport after we left Tarquin. what's The Acoustic? it's a great venue in the black rock section. they had a full band open mic where we met our new friend John. he introduced us to our friends at BRYAC Restaurant and Raw Bar. we had fun! you should go there. both places.

saturday the acoustic has a band called Tempest Edge playing their 10 year anniversary party with friends. we'll be playing down the street at BRYAC later that night around 10:00. sounds like a great time, right? ct peeps represent.

there have been pictures taken. you can find them below.

knoxville is beckoning, but there is much still to come in Bridgeport and the environs. stay tuned friends.