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news of the grand shell game

Happy New Year! Announcing January 30th at The Cat's Cradle Back Room

hello friends. we hope you all had a wonderful and safe new year celebration. we had an amazing time ringing in the new year in Washington DC. there's already talk of doing it again next year. we'll keep you posted.

we're very happy to announce our first Carrboro show of the year at The Cat's Cradle Back Room on January 30th. we'll be joined by The Oblations and our great friends Matt Phillips and Rebekah Todd. it will be an amazing night. we'd love for you to be a part of it. we'll also have a live CD, t-shirts, and some stickers so you can deck your halls with bows of shell game. stay joyful all year long.

we've made it up to New England and are playing in Kingston, NY tonight. come out if you're in the area. Telll your friends to come if you aren't. we're playing with a great local band Flourish. it will be a party.

much love to all. take care of yourselves and each other. we'll see you soon!