we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

our friend alicia took some snaps of us. yar.

people have been asking us to take photos. we're not sure why. apparently what we look like is important? so we asked for help, because we're a bunch of dudes that play music.

our friend Alicia Best was able to lend a hand. she's great! she's part of those paperhand puppet people. she also has a fantastic eye. we're thankful for her, because she made us look pretty good. that's no easy task.

she's also a songwriter, and she's good at that too. hooray for renaissance humans! and she runs the Zog's open mic in Chapel Hill, so if you're in the area you should sing her a song. for now, we're just going to sing her praises. thanks Alicia!

some picks of the litter are on our media page. here's one in particular we thought was great.

we like to call this one "are we not men?"

we hope to see some of you in Beaufort next weekend. don't forget it's the pirate invasion. yar.