we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

thank you to all, and to Mystery Brewing, as july turns to august

last night we played the music for music event at mystery brewing. it was fantastic! thanks to all for your generosity; especially to those who came out, to mystery brewing for being fantastic hosts, and to The Commanderrs and the Spencer Scholes Band for sharing their music with us.

there's another music for music night happening this evening, July 26th. Mysti Mayhem, The Oblations, and Adrian Krygowski will be performing. They are all amazingness. This is a promise, not a threat. You should go!

we're going underground for a couple weeks. working on some arrangements, maybe a new song or two. we'll then re-emerge in Beaufort. during the Pirate Invasion Weekend, August 8th and 9th. The whole town becomes inundated with "pirates", and they storm government buildings and have joyful raiding parties wandering the streets with swashbuckles and water guns and whatever ales can fill their cup. this might be cooler than the whole puppet show gig. we're not sure yet. we will let you know.

unless you're there too, which we encourage. one way or another we'll see you soon.

yup. this is happening.