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news of the grand shell game

ready for launch. our indiegogo pre-sale has begun!

ladies and gentlemen we are ready for launch. t-minus 21 days and counting.

we have a lot of great things cooking in this kitchen. we're about ready to announce our full release tour. we've got festival dates to crow about. but today, there's only one thing you need to know. we have begun our grand pre-sale of the man on a wire.


so that there's no confusion, we get all of the money we raise with this campaign. why are we doing it? because we're proud of our work. we want to spread the word about this album and indiegogo offers us a broader platform to do so. and we feel we're offering some pretty cool packages of merch and creative "perks" at fair pricing to make your support worthwhile. what does the $10000 goal get us? we're not quite sure. but it would go a long way for a band like us. 

so check out this video which we had a lot of fun making. spend a few minutes to look over the sweet sweet rewards. we have crafted our art. it is ready for you. help us spread the word!