we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

a concert for a cause this weekend. join us in Pittsboro on Sunday. and we hear rumors of puppets.

this weekend we reconvene to play some songs for a great cause. Pittsboro. Sunday afternoon. 5 pm. We'll join Ancient Cities in sharing songs to raise money for Musical Empowerment. what is Musical Empowerment? well, aside from the obvious concept, it's a non-profit dedicated to pairing collegiate music majors with underprivileged kids as teachers and mentors. we think this is a swell idea. we are happy to help raise awareness and funds for such a great cause. you can get tickets at the link below. Sunday is looking like it will be a beautiful evening for a concert. come, join us, friends. oh, and use the code "MUSICPOWER" to save $5 per ticket.  


also this weekend we're joining our friends in the Paperhand Puppet intervention at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Saturday night, we go on around 6. we cannot wait. 

and finally, here's another new tune from the vaults. shot at Floydfest by our great friend John Gessner, a song called from the ashes. do. enjoy.