we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

our hearts go out to Roanoke. we're collecting donations for the Adam and Alison Scholarship funds tonight in Shepherdstown and Wednesday in Roanoke

when we recently finished our new  song 'headline', unfortunately motivated by the terrible Charleston shootings, we had no idea we'd feel compelled to release any sort of video or audio of it this soon. however the recent atrocity in Roanoke has hit close, a number of our friends are directly connected to the victims, and we feel it's time to put this out to the world. 

our media culture is only fueling these self-aggrandizing and despicable actions. roanoke is the pinnacle, so far, of this phenomena. we fear to see what might come next. while the individual committing the act is ultimately responsible for these deaths, as a culture we must ask questions. Why are these events are increasing in frequency, why do they seek to gain more and more public exposure, and how can we move away from this terrible trend? 

this week we also heard the news of a young boy who would have taken the lives of his classmates were it not for the intervention of his preacher's calm word. this boy was teased, ostracized, driven towards the fringes of his social group. similar laments were raised by the killer in the Roanoke attacks. if we cannot, as a society, legitimately consider the question of where are we going wrong we will never begin to address the root causes of the issues. 

we will be collecting donations for the Alison Parker and Adam Ward Scholarship funds at our show tonight in Shepherdstown and in Roanoke on Wednesday. you can also contribute directly to the funds by following this link for more information:


keep the faith, friends. we can move away from these terrible trends. we believe in you. we believe in all of us.