we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

from all of us to all of you. please share and enjoy!

we've been getting a lot of love from folks in the past few days. from Floydfest, family, friends, and beyond. as such we'd like to give back a little bit. 

let us first state that we believe music is an art form and is worth something. buying music is supporting musicians. it fosters the creation of new music you might love. a purchase not only is an investment in the future, it's a great memento of what's past. How many songs have become the soundtrack to particular moments in your life?

this said, we have a new live CD. the key word being LIVE, ie folks paid for that performance already. so we've decided to break a bit of a rule here as a means of saying thanks. we've made "live at the Cat's Cradle" free for download for the next week or so. it's not quite the same as owning a limited edition, hand-numbered and screen printed copy like we sell at shows. but it's a way for us to say mercy buckets, and to encourage you to share with friends. our studio EP will be dropping this fall, and we want you to want it. maybe this might help? 

listen. think. enjoy. share. and thanks to all of you!