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news of the grand shell game

we support Appalachian Voices. you should too.

one of the greatest things about Floydfest is the sense of community that surrounds the event. when we were last up in Roanoke, everyone knew everyone and the whole evening was put together with an "it takes a village" mindset. to us, this was further embodied in their partnership this year with Appalachian Voices, a non-profit that is working to end the destructive practices of mountaintop removal coal mining. preserving the beauty and culture of the Appalachian communities is a cause near and dear to us. we humbly ask you to take a moment to watch this video and learn a little more about what is happening to our beloved Appalachian and to our neighbors who call them home. 

(light rant) we can't change what's been done in the past. but we believe in bettering our future. there are better ways to produce energy. better jobs. better ways to live. we simply have to break out of the rut of old habits. if you're coming to Floydfest, stop by and meet the folks from Appalachian Voices. education is the first step towards change. and if you're not coming up the mountain, there's plenty to learn at 


thanks for reading and for checking out the video, friends. as for us? we're coming out of hibernation. we'll be writing more soon.