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news of the grand shell game

mini tour to connecticut starts this thursday. Shepherdstown, Kingston, Bridgeport, and Tarquin Studios, here we come...

ah mixing. hours and hours of listening to the same songs over and over trying to get every detail just where it needs to be. it's kind of like banging your head against a wall to swat a fly buzzing in your ear. that's what's happening this week up at Tarquin Studios. we're going up to put our ears and thoughts on things. don't worry, we'll wear headgear. and since we're driving from North Carolina to Connecticut and back, we planned a couple stops along the way.

thursday we're in Shepherdstown WV at the Blue Moon Cafe. saturday we're back at The Anchor in Kingston, NY. sunday we return to B.R.Y.A.C. in the Black Rock of Bridgeport, CT. then we burn it on home. 

anyhoo, to celebrate the above and a busy April ahead we've got yet another video for you. this one's called "love was easy". because it ain't, and that's the point. none of this is easy. but it's worth it. might as well celebrate it? 

see you soon friends, and thanks for everything.