we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

no matter if you win or lose. just be yourself and play the game as best you can.

this past weekend we went up to beautiful Roanoke Virginia to play in a battle of the bands at The Phoenix. we put all we had into it. we played perhaps our best show to date. and... we lost.

but we didn't lose at all. the venue was beautiful. Groova Scape, the band we shared the stage with and who won the audience vote, was fantastic. the grilled cheeses from the Toasted food truck were delicious. the weather was perfect. it was an amazing experience! 

and then we were invited to the festival. we are playing Floydfest. it's still a little hard to believe. 

but we do believe. we believe in the power of music. we believe in the power of community. we believe that by working together and striving to be our best we can move forward. and so we shall. 

best of all, we didn't break any rules. but we did sort of re-write them. to quote our new friends, 

"No one present could deny that the talent and passion of the grand shell game warranted an introduction to broader Floydfest audience"

we are humbled by their support. we will give our all come July, just as we did this past Saturday. sometimes you win. sometimes you lose. and sometimes you just play the game and have a helluva good time.