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news of the grand shell game

have you noticed our heart (tree)? meet our friend patti of feather'root artistry

hello friends. many of you have commented on our beautiful artwork that we've been using.we love the artwork too. and the artist who made it. we'd like to introduce you to our friend Patti from Feather'Root Artistry.

years ago she designed a beautiful set of five screenprints that depicted the life cycle of a seed, with its potential shown throughout. the heart (tree) was truly captivating, and how it tied into the overall journey of life made the series stunning to think about. it told such a beautiful story in simple images.

she is a dear old friend of eric-scott's since way back before the universe brought us together. she graciously allowed us to use her work as a symbol for who we are, for what we do. we think it fits perfectly. we are so happy to share her (and her work) with you now. check out her amazing wearable art via the links below. we also suggest that you ask about her painting and screenprint pieces. she doesn't seem to share those so much online, but she should. they are awesome, as is she.

thank you so much, Patti!



more from us coming in the next few days. in the mean time check out our calendar because we've got some new dates.

(mic drop)