we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

we return to Charlotte this week. a birthday party is happening at the cave on 10/30. and meet our friend Gordon

this week we head back down 85 to the grand city of Charlotte. thursday night at Petra's with Mount St. Helens and Jennifer Millis. it has been too long. it will be a great show! come out and play, friends. 

guess what? we have two upcoming birthdays in the band. it's also a good time of year to celebrate in general (transition season and all). so we have decided to have a party. 10/30 at the Cave in Chapel Hill with It Was You and Jordan and the Sphinx. all are welcome. 

we also met a new friend at our gig at Weaver Street. Gordon is his name, and he was kind enough to shoot some video of us. you can see one of them below, or you can check out his full youtube channel here. he shoots a lot of the outdoor concerts around the triangle and does a great job of it. 

be good, all. see you soon.