we believe in you.


news of the grand shell game

week of thanksgiving. the resolutionary war tour. and stories of penny pinching.

it's been a tough year at times. so we are having a week of thanksgiving. why? because as tough as it may have been, there is so much to be thankful for. most of all, for each other.

we hope you'll come out and share with us in song and laughter. Sunday, November 23rd as the house band at the Cat's Cradle Pot-Luck Open Mic. Wednesday, November 26th at The Station with a whole bunch of friends including Tom Maxwell, Brooke Telarico, Cameron Stenger, Spencer Scholes, and more. finally Friday November 28th we'll be at Mystery Brewing. this last will sort of be a fund raiser for our tour, because we are poor of pocket, but not in spirit (or music). we hope you will join us for one of these shows.

finally we have announce more dates on our newly christened "resolutionary war" tour. Kingsport, NY at The Anchor, Bridgeport, CT at Two Boots, and a radio show performance on Knoxville's own WDVX Blue Plate Special. we are still looking for one more date in new england. Also a couple dates off the I-81 corridor in PA, VA, or eastern TN. we thank you in advance for any leads.

we are thankful for you. may you and yours have a wonderful holiday. more to come soon.