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 late night on the Pink Floyd Garden Stage - Floydfest

late night on the Pink Floyd Garden Stage - Floydfest

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the grand shell game

"listen a first time just to be surprised at what comes next, then listen repeatedly to examine and contemplate the messages in the song layers..."

Sarah Fuller Hall - No Depression - August 2016

"this is a heavy album, rich in texture, awash in melody, full of literary and emotional nuance... unique within its indie rock context even as it bears familiar overtones of years gone by"

Fred Mills - Blurt Magazine - November 2016

"big ideas with introspective wisdom, unfurling harmonies, and arrangements that help create at once classic and refreshingly new songs"

Courtney Devores - The Charlotte Observer - December 2016

"Ween meet the Beatles via early Pink Floyd as if concocted from a mad scientists twisted mind... music made for those who prefer challenging art"

Tom Netherland - Bristol Herald Courier - August 2016

"The Grand Shell Game's impressive sound is genre-bending, sophisticated, and confident... an awe-worthy performance" 

Mauli Desai - The Red & Black, Athens GA - June 2016

"ee cummings as a songwriter working with an army of well-versed and multi-dimensional musicians"

Gina Gambony - WHQR Public Radio (eastern NC) - June 2016

"Man on a Wire, the smart six-song debut from Carrboro sextet Grand Shell Game, starts from a bedrock of jangling roots rock and ponderous poetry. The songs then spin outward, taking cues from The Beatles or Lambchop, Neutral Milk Hotel or Ween in turn. Though all interesting, some of these tunes are breathless, fetching, and wild, while others turn inward for abiding reflection. Think Bombadil operating beneath a veneer of cool, The Head & The Heart with less to lose, or one of the year’s most promising local starts."

Grayson Haver Currin - Indy Week, Central, NC - June 2016

"The Grand Shell Game brings to mind bands like They Might Be Giants, The Mountain Goats or Dr. Dog, with their literate, unaffected vocals, and almost manic eclecticism."

John Adamian  - YES! Weekly, Greensboro, NC - June 2016

"Floydfest "On the Rise" alum the grand shell game kicks ass... a truly authentic brand of Americana rock n' roll." 

Kris Hodges - Producer of Floydfest - September 2015

"Recalling Harvest-era Neil Young, the grand shell game have tapped into the magic formula for fusing country with folk. A true gem of a song to be sure"

Leks Malby - Aside/Beside music blog review of "to the stars and back" - June 2016

"They won the hearts of many with their dead-earnest Southern lit-fueled Americana... Clearly these boys love to play." 

Chronogram Magazine (Hudson Valley, NY) - April 2015

"Cosmic-leaning roots rock that lets loose with limber extemporizations" 

Patrick Wall - Indy Week - June 2015



On May 1st (Mayday!) 2017, the grand shell game unveiled their 2nd EP in memory… to benefit the Jana Marie Foundation, a Pennsylvania based 501c-3 charitable foundation. Dedicated to all those who have struggled with the burden of mental illness, the release also coincides with May being Mental Health Awareness Month. Regardless of whether you care for or share the songs, the band hopes you will keep in mind the reality that 1 in 5 Americans experience mental illness in a given year. Even if we are not afflicted ourselves, we are all affected by this elephant in the room.

The bones of these three songs were laid out some six years ago by a player in this grand shell game, during the tumultuous period surrounding his dear cousin's suicide. The final piece, Jana's song, was written the very day she passed as he sat hundreds of miles away, struggling with his own depression, wondering how he might tell her everything would be all right. The grand shell game considers her co-author on all three works. 

in memory… was produced by Jeff Crawford with the band and recorded live at The Fidelitorium Recording Studio in January 2017 using some extra time during a session for their upcoming LP. the songs highlight the grand shell game’s ability to blend classic ideas with new direction, mix poignant and profound lyrics with a pop sensibility, and infuse irregular rhythms into a sound that is best described as rock and roll.

The Jana Marie Foundation was created in 2012 in memory of a beloved friend and family member who was lost too soon to suicide. It is dedicated to shattering the stigma of mental illness, with a focus on helping youth (especially young women) better understand and adapt to their struggles through community, creativity, and artistic expression. In March of 2017 the foundation recognized its five-year anniversary with the launch of the Mokita™ initiative, inspired by the Kilivila (indigenous New Guinea) word loosely translated to mean "a known truth that is left unspoken". Find out more information about the Jana Marie Foundation at: www.janamariefoundation.org 

this band of the grand shell game is made up of: daniel fields, dylan turner, e-s guthrie, joe macphail, rob "poppa" davis, rob "the voice" dimauro, and you. find more music and community at www.thegrandshellgame.com       


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Miss Moneypenny


three four seven-746-1069




"man on a wire" released june 2016

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