we are all a part of the grand shell game.

these are just some players. historians.

scribes, if not for our age, then at least for their times.

they sing songs of love and loss. of failure and resulting growth.

of conflict and resolution, and conflicting resolutions.

they borrow textures and tones from the past. they blend elements of style towards a new future.

their accounting is playful and dynamic.

rocking in a waltz and swaying as they roll. there is power in their arrangements. rooted in the structure of the song, yet each is given the opportunity to shine in the light of their talents.

the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

this is a band. the connection is undeniable.

we are the grand shell game

“listen a first time just to be surprised at what comes next, then listen repeatedly to examine and contemplate the messages in the song layers...”
Sarah Fuller Hall - No Depression - August 2016
— Sarah Fuller Hall - No Depression - August 2016

The Autotunes at The Teachers’ Lounge, 2016



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Riccardo Rad
Drums / Lead Vocals

Adrian Zhang

Noemi Guinto

Morgan Cruz
Keyboard / Vocals

Genevieve Laveau